Thursday, December 23, 2010

More Fun Sensory Things!

Originally designed to help with the development of biting and chewing skills, 
these Chewy Tubes are great for kiddos who seem to put everything in their
mouths! They come in a variety of colors, shapes, textures, and sizes. A family
I recently worked with loved the T-Shaped Chewy Tube in Extra Large. This
child used to chew all the ends of his pencils off and using this as a pencil topper
in the classroom really helped.

What kid doesn't love the Wiggles? This is a great toy for kids who love music and
have an interest in instruments. I know one preschooler who first started exhibiting 
pretend play skills with a toy like this and even started a "band" with his classmates!

PIN ART-- A classic toy that is always a hit. Such a great tactile toy and seems to
appeal to kids of all ages. They even make versions that glow in the dark!

Speaking of glowing in the dark, these light-up bouncy balls flash colorful lights and 
have shinny sparkles and ribbons inside. Not a toy for the a kid who tends to throw 
things-- it could really hurt if hit with one of these things! 

"Blobby Robby"-- Like a stress ball, but cuter and more fun! I love to use "Blobby
Robby" to help the individuals I work with learn relaxation skills. I found this at an 
educational store in our area and kids and adolescents love it.

We have many more fun and exciting toys and other products coming soon so stay tuned and


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