Friday, March 4, 2011

FREE File Folder Activities, Games and More! Make learning fun!

As avid task makers, Molly and I are always looking for new ideas and concepts to appeal to those with whom we work.  For preschoolers and school aged kids we have found some great resources to keep our shelves stocked to the brim with fun tasks.  One great resource for tasks is the book 'Tasks Galore', which Molly discussed:  However, there are also great resources at the click of a button on the internet.  Many of these sites rely on revenues from their ads and don't have the greatest navigation tools but since many of the activities are FREE, that is the price we have to pay!

  • File Folder Fun  The name says it all!  I have made almost every task on this site.  File folder games/activities are secured to blank file folders.  This is great for being able to put a label on the tab and find the activities more easily.  You can then use contact paper or lamination to make them more sturdy.  On this website, once you figure out how to navigate and get past all the paid for items, there are tons of free tasks.  If you end up at paid for items, you have taken a wrong turn.  One of the most adorable tasks is their Monster Manners which is a fun way to sort 'good' and 'bad' manners. 

  • Adapted Monkey Books  The most adorable books are on this site.  This is a blog that is also a little challenging to navigate at times but it is worth it.  There are books for 'Why', 'What' and 'Where' questions involving monkeys made by an amazing parent of a child with autism.  She also has links to other books designed by other creative individuals.  I have yet to meet a child that doesn't love the monkey books!

  • File Folder Heaven  I haven't had a chance to use the tasks on this site yet but have downloaded some and I am looking forward to it.  There are many tasks that are for sale, however, there are lots of freebies as well!  You have to sign up for an account and 'checkout' with the free items but there are no charges involved on those specific activities.  Once the order is completed you can download the items.  They have several adapted books and file folder activities for free. 

  • Giggly Games  This site has about a dozen freebies.  There are some small books and printables that can be made into tasks and activities.  Some of the items have to probably be adapted to suit the needs of the child but pretty easy to make.  The link will take you to the free items but there are also some paid for items. 

  • Positively Autism  This site has some great file folder tasks to print out and encourage independence.  There are color matching, shape matching, math and more.  There are only a handful of tasks but a good resource to add to the list. 

  • Do2Learn  There are lots of products for sale but also a good amount of freebies.  From matching tasks to emotional awareness there are lots of great resources.  The picture cards are helpful and they show how to print some of the cards so you can make your own schedule and/or visual reminders. 

  • Enchanted Learning  This website is very overwhelming and busy!  However, there are some great gems if you are patient. There are some free sample items or if you become a site member you have access to tons of items.  The price of $20 a year (at the time of this post) is pretty low considering all of the items that are available; they advertise over 20,000 pages of activities.

  • Mormon Chic  This site has a few free printable folder activities.  There are cute ones of dressing a bear, matching shapes or a family tree.  Most of these are for preschool to early elementary development. 

This is an ever-changing list as websites are being created or others are being deleted.  We have truly enjoyed the convenience of the internet and all of the wonderful, creative individuals that have shared these great tasks with us! 



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