Thursday, December 16, 2010

'Asperger's What Does It Mean To Me?'

To piggyback on Abby's post, Catherine Faherty's book 'Asperger's What Does It Mean To Me?' is a great workbook for kids with HFA or Asperger's who are beginning to feel they are different and are ready to talk about their diagnosis. It is written in a positive way (in first person from the individual's perspective) about how everyone has strengths and difficulties and each child is able to fill in what is relevant to him or her.

It's also really easy to make photo copies and white out the term "Autism" or "Asperger's" if you want to start a conversation with your child or client but do not want to use the label. The book covers all areas-- from explaining what it means to be on the autism spectrum to communication styles, social experiences, and sensory differences. The format of the workbook is mainly multiple choice so the child has answers to pull from and does
not have to write a lot.

This is also a great resource for parents, teachers, and other
professionals who are looking for practical strategies. It goes
into detail about using schedules, adapting tasks and lessons,
how to approach homework, play dates, you name it! This
book has by far been one of the most helpful resources I've
come across to date.



  1. wow I didnt know they had a book like this. Does it work with other spectrums. For Example Noah has PDD we believe, would this book be ok for him to use one day? Thanks!

  2. This book really is wonderful and I think it (as the cat book) can be used with many that are not labeled 'Asperger's'. For this book, it is important that the child/adult is able to read with comprehension. It may definitely be appropriate for your son when he gets older!