Sunday, December 26, 2010

Make Schedules EASY - 'Choiceworks'

We often recommend to families that visuals are essential in planing for changes, handling difficult emotions and completing evening/morning routines.  This sounds simple but truly putting it in place for families is overwhelming.  I love this system.  I think it is so easy for parents to get started and reach their child at their level of understanding.  I was shocked at all of the things they thought of! 

The board easily sits on a counter or can be mounted on the wall.

A brilliant system of showing the child how long they have to wait, with the timer.  Additionally, they can see their options of what they can do while waiting.
What to do when upset and what they can do after they are able to calm down.

A ton of extra pictures all inside of the the schedule stand.  Also, it includes blank squares and a dry-erase marker to add your own info; this would be great with unexpected events!

Super easy to take to the location you need; for example, the bathroom for the 'night-time' routine.

This is a great system, easy to use and very versatile.  I love the fact that it can sit up on a flat surface, attach to the wall or carried out of the home/school environment.  The Beevisual company was also able to combine some of the most challenging situations for those with autism as well.  They included components that include, thinking about waiting/passage of time and what to do when anger/frustration arises.  It also includes booklets to explain the system to the student in a storybook format. 

Overall, Choiceworks is an amazing system that seemed to think of all the important factors in scheduling and preparing for unexpected situations.  The system can be purchased on the BeeVisual website:  I especially like the deluxe bundle because you get so many extras and can print and make lots of extra icons as needed:

These choices work!!


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