Monday, December 6, 2010

Diagnosing Autism with 90% Accuracy Through Brain Scans

Autism is a diagnosis that is very complex and completely behavioral; this makes it quite subjective.  It is challenging as clinicians to have a standard across professionals when identifying those on the spectrum.  Genes, have so far left us confused and we now have more questions than answers.  Imagine being able to diagnosis Autism with 90% accuracy.  This is something individuals in the field and parents living through it day in and day out, strive for.  It seems light years ahead of where we are.  However, the scientists at King's College London may have done just that. 

Being able to diagnosis individuals would help alleviate misdiagnosis, over use of medications and insufficient resources in school.  It would not be the end all to have a label but at least a starting point of where to go with approaches and a level of understanding that is most needed. 

This research is still in the beginning stages and is not yet ready to be a diagnostic tool but it could be here before we know it.  We look forward to hearing more about these scans and maybe in the future having them available worldwide.  Read more about this fascinating research:


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