Wednesday, December 8, 2010

HFA Writer's Block

If we want to strike fear in individuals with High Functioning Autism/Asperger's we just have to mention Writing.  Most kids that I work with run in terror at the mention of English or Language Arts.  Coming up with ideas, organizing thoughts, making inferences, on top of the fine motor components of putting that pencil to paper, is overwhelming to even our brightest students.

I started using this book a few weeks ago and have really enjoyed it.  Products from 'Tasks Galore' are always a hit and this is no exception.  There are so many parts of writing and understanding passages that involve abstract concepts.  The book takes the strategy of a Graphic Organizer a step further.  It goes more in depth into the how and why behind inferences in writing, making statements to have the most impact and how to understand more complex concepts.  I knew this book was a great resource when using it with a middleschooler that despised writing, summarizing passages and understanding the structure of writing.  I reeled him in with the great poem activity that this book included about an 'Ode to Nintendo DS'.  I immediately captured his attention by talking about a high interest and something that he viewed as fun!  Having this more enjoyable mindset helped him to view the activity in a more positive light and in the end be successful. 

In addition, this book comes with a CD to reproduce all of the workbook activities.  This makes it so easy to have on my computer and print at the push of a button as many copies as I need for that session. 
Visit the tasks galore site to take a peek inside the book:

Let us know what strategies with writing have worked for you or what experience you have had with this book.  We would love your feedback!


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