Monday, January 10, 2011

Your Child is Diagnosed, Now What?

Parents often feel at a loss of what to do after the diagnosis of autism or a related disorder is given.  Knowing where to start and what to do seems completely overwhelming. 

Autism Speaks has great resources for families and their '100 Day Kit' is no exception.  This wonderful, FREE kit includes:
  • How the diagnosis is given, what are the criteria and statistics.
  • How to handle the diagnosis, deal with family situations and questions that may occur.
  • Early intervention and public school services that are available.
  • Therapies/Interventions that are available and a description of the various techniques.
  • Finding the right professionals to work with your child.
  • Tips to keep in mind with your child's difficulties.
  • List of resources online and books.
  • A plan of organizing the steps for the next 100 days broken down into each weeks goals and objectives. 
  • Tips for keeping your child safe
  • Pages to help organize your notes, interventions, research, goals, etc.
  • A glossary of terms that are related to autism and autism services. 
This wonderful kit can be downloaded or ordered at the Autism Speaks website:   At this link there is also a separate kit for High Functioning Autism/Asperger's that includes some of the unique challenges that those individuals may have.

I highly encourage parents print or order a kit for their family.  I think professionals can also hugely benefit from becoming familiar with all of the information included to better work with and advocate for families. 


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