Sunday, January 30, 2011

For The Engineer At Heart

There are some toys at our center that kids of all ages seem to gravitate towards and they typically revolve around building things! I will mention a few of them in this post.

The Marble Run

A great hands on toy that sparks creativity in all that try it! I've 
noticed that individuals with ASD seem to build structures 
with the marble run effortlessly ;whereas, it seems to take me 
forever to figure out how it's all going to work together! Not only
do kids love to build with the pieces, but they also love to watch 
the marbles go down the chute! The only word of caution for this
toy is to be careful if you have a small child-- he/she may love the 
cause and effect aspect of watching the marbles fall, but it is not
appropriate for kids who like to put things in their mouths!


 Gears by Learning Resources is another toy that is a must
have for our waiting room. We've had this set for years and 
it's held up amazingly well for the amount of people who 
have played with it. You can build horizontally or vertically 
and watch all the gears move together like a machine. 
The set does not come with instructions of what to build so 
like the marble run, it allows for a great amount of 
flexibility and creativity!


Not a cheap product, but one that is great for individuals who
love to build and use their hands! Most kids in upper elementary
school and even into middle and high school seem to love 

You can find all of these products and different variations at among other stores. Based on our experience, they are all a hit with many individuals on the autism spectrum who tend to have a strength in the figuring out how things work!

- Molly 

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  1. I totally played with the magnaformers while waiting during my eval yesterday. They were much more interesting than the magazines.